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The Next Chapter

Ah September, officially the month of Mellow Fruitfulness and Mists hanging over rolling fields and valleys, officially the month where we gracefully slip from the last of the long summer days into a more 'mellow' (as the poet Keats called it) time frame, the days gradually getting shorter in the Western Hemisphere, the fruit ripening on boughs of the apple tress, the light levels this month taking on their special September hue, the added sense of anticipation as we begin to eek towards the Festive Season and the final three months of the year.

September for me (and many others) is a time we I reframe how I do things, it's the beginning of a new school year in England, many people are back to work after their summer vacations, so it holds that feeling of newness, the ability to start over.... it is the Universal kiss of a New Chapter - if we should so wish.

As many of you know I am all about new chapters, it is coded into my DNA to shake things up, relaunch myself, pivot in the areas that I feel need a bit fine tuning. It's a gift that we are able to do this and September is the perfect month to do so, as it is coded also with that sense of expectation and hopefulness.

What are you being called forward to do?

How are you being lead to revaluate aspects of your life, this could be emotional, mental, physical or even spiritual.

Are you being asked to deepen your connection with the Divine?

Are you being guided to write yourself a new chapter?

Do you need to release and let go of ways that you have outgrown, be that patterns, cycles, people or places?

Maybe now is the time to write yourself a new chapter., you are my friend allowed to change your mind - as often as you wish, it is part of our evolutionary journey after all!

I came across a journal entry in one of my old diaries about this theme of renewal and next chapters and I am going to share it with you below, if you'd like a copy then simply pop me an email ( and I will send the PDF file that I have created directly to you!

I like to think of it as a giant prayer request or mantra, something that we can declare to the universe, it can be read aloud once or multiple times, it can be used as part of your daily spiritual practice, you can use it as a template and change the words so that it completely resonates with you!

My Next Chapter

The next chapter of my story begins and ends with me. In the recognition of my gifts, in the recognition of my worth and value, in the recognition of my wholeness and oneness with the Divine.

The next chapter of my life sees me moving through my days not with overwhelm - that I've left behind, but with surety in my strength, courage in my heart and joy in my voice.

The next chapter of my life sees the end of the pressures I've been facing, sees the return of light within relationships that have challenged me, sees abundance in my financial position and radiant health.

The next chapter of my life allows me to open my heart completely without fear of judgement.

The next chapter of my life sees me step into a greater creative flow, with a flourishing ideas to serve myself and humanity.

The next chapter of my life allows me to step out of hardship, pain, and suffering.

The next chapter of my life is joyful.

The next chapter of my life sees me guided by the Divine in all aspects of creative expression - it sees me in love with my life.

And so, I hereby set the intention to follow my heart.

I hereby set the intention to be a vessel for Divine Love.

I hereby set the intention to follow my Divine Creative Spark.

The hush of heaven holds my heart today and I lean into this as I step forward into my next chapter.

And so it is.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

And so, as we move through this next month, my hope is that our hearts remain open to the possibilities that lie ahead for each of us.

Big Love for now,

Kristy-lee xox

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