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Discover Your Divinity

Discover Your Divinity is a Divine Souls flagship spiritual coaching session, designed to help you uncover and realign with your soul's true purpose. Through Soul Realignment, you will experience transformation and empowerment as you reconnect with your Divine Nature. This session will help you to access your inner wisdom and unlock your spiritual power.


What if I told you we can align you to your Divinity?


What if I told you that we can tap into your gifts, your Divine Self-Expression and create the life you know you are here to lead?


Soul Realignment® is a beautiful healing modality that can align you to your Divine Self-Expression and so much more.


Every single one of us has an array of gifts that we have been blessed with, tapping into these gifts at soul-level enables us to live within our Divinity and create the life we truly desire. 

As a fully qualified Advanced Soul Realignment® Practitioner it is my gift to help you to align your life with who you are at soul-level, to help you discover your Divinity, your gifts, your purpose, and to help you live a soul-lead life.  


The Discover Sessions are designed to help you work with spiritual concepts and ground them in a practical way. Working with your Divine Humanness, giving you the tools to step out into your everyday life embodying your divine essence.



It's time to Discover Your Divinity.

What can you expect in this initial Soul Realignment® Session?


Once I have received some basic information from you, I am able to work some magic within your Akashic Record, it is at this point that I gather all the information about who you are at soul-level and any negative karmic patterns that you may be struggling with in this lifetime. 


It normally takes about two weeks to compile your reading; this will of course be dependent on waiting lists, in busy periods please be aware that there may be a wait for your session.  This will be communicated to you when you book in. 


I offer both live zoom and pre-recorded sessions.


Opting for a pre-recorded session means that you are NOT required to be present.  The recording is a comprehensive analysis of the infromation described across the page and will be sent to you via email with all the other reports that are contained within the Discover Your Divinity Session. Making this an excellent option for those of you with busy lives!

Included in your session:

  • Zoom recording and written report 

  • Who you are at Soul-Level – your gifts and how you were made to shine.

  • Your Soul Specialisations- giving you clues to harnessing your Divinity.

  • Where you are from in the Cosmos.

  • Your chosen Life Lessons for your current incarnation.

  • Past life karmic story and associated blocks and restrictions.

  • Present life karmic issues and associated blocks and restrictions.

  • Clearance of karmic blocks from both your past life and current incarnation.

  • Chakra Analysis – a detailed look at your chakra system with tips and tricks to rebalancing chakra points if needed.

  • 21 day written clearance homework.

  • Guidance and follow-up emails during the 21 days of self-clearing work.

Session Price: £195

Please Note: There is currently around a three week wait before your session will take place.  Upon booking the Discover Your Divinity Session Kristy-lee will contact you via email to book you in and gather a small amount of information 
necessary to create your reading.
Discover Your Divinity Session
Kristy-lee @ Divine Soul

Discover Your Divinity Session

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