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Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to Divine Soul's Frequently Asked Questions page, in here you should find all the answers your are looking for, however if you are unable to find the the answer then please send Kristy-lee an email directly: and she will be very happy to help. 

  • How Can I Book A Session?
    Booking a session with Kristy-lee is easy and convenient. If you are new to Divine Soul simply head to the Discover Your Divinity Session where you'll find out about the session structure, what it entails and then when you are happy you can click the "Book Now" button towards the bottom of the page and that will take you to your cart, where you can securely pay for the session. If at any time you get stuck or are unsure then feel free to send Kristy-lee an email:
  • What Do You Need For A Session?
    If this is your first time working with Kristy-lee then she will ask you for some information in order to access your Akashic Records. This will include: your full current name, your name at birth (if different), date of birth and location of birth. All information that you give to Kristy-lee is 100% secure & private and stays with her alone.
  • What Happens After I Have Booked My Session Via The Website?
    Once you have booked your session via the website, you will receive a auto-generated confirmation email AND a separate email from Kristy-lee, this will contain information about the session itself and it will be the one that Kristy-lee asks for your details so she can access your Akashic Record. In this second email Kristy-lee will also include session availability (days and times) so it is important not to ignore it.
  • What Happens If I Need To Reschedule My Session?
    It is really important to contact Kristy-lee as soon as you are able to. Sometimes we have unexpected things crop up in our everyday lives and we need to reschedule stuff. That is absolutely fine! Just send Kristy-lee an email ( and she will do her best to book you back in as soon as is possible.
  • I Have Changed My Mind - Can I Cancel My Session?
    From time to time we book and pay for things and then change our minds! If this is the case contact Kristy-lee ( and she will issue a full refund via your original payment method. PLEASE NOTE: This will ONLY occur BEFORE you have had your session, Kristy-lee has a zero refund policy after the session has taken place.
  • I Have Had My Session And Now I Want A Refund
    As per Divine Soul's terms and conditions there will be no refunds processed after a session has taken place.
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