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Spirit Guide 
Coaching -
Step Into Clarity

Divine Soul's Spirit Guide Coaching session offers a unique connection to your spirit guide team, providing you with succinct guidance to help you align with your intention. Kristy-lee is an experienced coach and an expert when working with our teams in spirit, together she will help you access the wisdom and insight of your spiritual team, allowing you to make meaningful and powerful shifts in your life.

"Close your eyes, there's a world in there , open your eyes there's a world out there too"

- Lorna Bevern 

Please Note: Divine Soul's Discover Your Divinity sessions are a prerequisite before embarking on this session.


Welcome to Divine Soul's

BRAND new session!


These sessions are designed to bring you greater clarity from your Team as you consciously create the life you want to lead.  

Conscious Creation

We are designed to manifest.  We are designed to live our life on purpose, and we can do that however we want.  As highly conscious human beings we know that the power of our intention is paramount to moving ourselves forward, sometimes we are really good at keeping our intentions aligned with who we are at soul level (aka our gifts and specialisations) and sometimes, not so much.  This is why in your very first session with me I talked about setting intentions and using your check list (refer back to your report under the ‘Going Within’ section) – that is designed to help you think about how you create and how to keep your intentions in alignment with who you are at soul level. 

Imagine then, if you will, the impact we could have on our manifestation process if we utilised a higher level of cosmic consciousness!  Yes, you guessed it – I am referring to the incredible beings of light – that we know affectionately as our spirit guide team.  

Our spirit guide team, our spiritual advisors – believe it or not we have already worked with these celestial beings; from the very point of your original session, we have been working with them, in fact – you have been working with them your whole life, you just may not have even be aware of it!

They assist in our progress upon our human journey, help guide us, give us clarity and reassurance even when we feel like we are doing life on our own.  Here’s the beautiful thing – we do not need to “work harder” to have this connection, it is already given.  We do not need to be “better” human beings for them for have a great experience being our guides. They love us unconditionally and are already serving their own divine self-expression by being in service to us.  Here is the absolute bonus though – there is no obligation that flows between us and them, we can choose to follow any guidance they have for us – or not, either way is fine, and all is completely valid. 


How Do Our Spirit Guide Work on Our Behalf?

When we say a prayer, create a mantra or affirmation our team takes the energy of this and relay it outwards, they literally help us to consciously create.  So when people in the spiritual community; teachers (myself included), those that are mentoring us and guiding us use the phrase “we are in co-creation” this is what they are talking about, we ARE in co-creation with our Team and therefore the Divine.  All the time.  No exceptions!

Intentionality is so important, our Team operate based on our intentions – we are though solely responsible for our experience, our Guide Team is not!  This is why we want to be 100% clear on what it is we want to create – since our team helps to bring it into our reality.  It comes down to the old saying “be careful what you wish for”.  

That is why some people (and maybe you’re one of them) find creating and setting intentions super scary – after all what if what we attract is a shit-show? That weight of responsibility for our own experience is what keeps us stuck in the same job, in the same crappy relationship, the same life – inside we may wish for different - but taking action and responsibility for this well, that’s a whole other story!

It is very common (and I do see this a lot unfortunately – and at periods in my life I can even include myself in here) we push guidance aside, we ask for a sign, guidance etc. but don’t like the answer we receive, so we ask again, and again still not entirely happy with what’s coming through and then… we enter information overload and BAM!  We’re now super unhappy, AND super stuck! 

Here’s the good news – there is a better way!  Thank goodness, we knew there had to be right?!

The answer lies in Spirit Guide Coaching.  I have seen the struggle many of my clients face with moving forwards and living on purpose, I too have a wealth of experience in this domain but there is a better way.  Which is why I have teamed up with my Team to create these new coaching sessions. 

Spirit Guide Coaching 

The information that comes from our Spirit Guide Team is always based on our intention and it is always highly practical.  The offer spiritual guidance ONLY and will never tell us what to do.  We always are the ones that are responsible and therefore we are the ultimate decision makers.  

Their guidance is highly succinct and meaningful.  We use that as the basis and then you interpret it and make it actionable.  

Guidance is ALWAYS based on the present moment, and they will NEVER predict the future. 

New guidance will not become available until action has been taken.  I am going to drop a side note in here…. 

When We Don’t Take Action and Self-Sabotage

As highly conscious beings we know that we have limitless possibilities (I hope that by now you have realised that you are more expansive than you have previously thought!) because we are now working at a higher evolutionary level and timeline, we can see the scope we have.  Yet we can be our own undoing also. 

There are a couple of interwoven threads that encompass this section – the first is self-sabotage and unconscious thought patterns, the second is non-action. It is for this reason that we need to be really focused on our intended outcomes and intentions, any unconscious intentions can (and will often) sabotage our desired intentions, this is why we need to be crystal clear and then get 100% on board with what it is we want to create.  

That’s one side of the coin, the other is non-action taking – aka refusing to decide.  This is a (and I am not going to put too fine a point on it) HUGE issue.  When we change our minds every two seconds (mainly because we are afraid of cocking things up) we create a whole load of mess in the communication and guidance that is coming through – this is the “which way” signpost. And it is the number one problem with moving forward.  What we are subconsciously doing is self-sabotaging ourselves and then, hey-presto we stay stuck.

If we are not clear, the guidance that comes through to us will not be clear too.  Remembering that above I said we are wholly responsible for ourselves and our lives – well, that’s pretty scary right?!  But so is staying where you are – since that is NOT how you are designed to do life.  

When we refuse to set an intention, we are abdicating responsibility for our own beautiful, expansive human experience.  And we don’t want that right?!

What to Expect:


  • Intentions: You MUST state your intentions before the session takes place – I will send out a form before EVERY session for you to complete and return to me 24 hours before our call takes place. We want to move from point A to point B and we’ll do this guided by what intentions you set.

  • Sessions are designed to be weekly or Bi-monthly – this will be governed by you actually doing your homework.  If you do not complete on any actions that need to be taken there will be no new guidance available from your Team. 

  • If it becomes apparent that you have energetic blocks stopping your progress, we will need to do a round of clearing to sort this out.  Remember our goal is to take you from where you are right now to where you want to get to and sometimes, we must clear some karmic patterns to do this, this will be directed by your Team.

  • These sessions are guidance sessions – they are no “do this or do that” sessions. We interpret the information that comes through and then make actionable steps for you to take to move you forward.  You therefore are the one in charge of making your own plan – not your team. 

  • Included in the session price is ongoing support to help you integrate the actions that you need to take.  If you encounter fear and resistance, then we will work through that together. 

  • Please bring a note pad and a pen as there are NO written reports with these sessions - I am channelling your Team whilst you are with me on Zoom.

  • Every session is recorded, so if you miss something you can go back and rewatch it.

  • Homework – this is created during the session.

  • Each session is up to 30 minutes in duration.  Short and sweet, so don’t get in the way of you consciously creating!

My Responsibility Within These Sessions:

  • As with all my sessions I uphold at all times the fact that you are a powerful creator in your own right and therefore you have 100% freewill to create as you see fit. 

  • I will always hold a space for you that is non-judgemental and sacred. 

  • I will send out your recording within four hours of your session and ensure I have emailed out to you your pre-session form 48 hours before the start of each session.


Session Price:  £30 for a single session OR £110 for a block of four booked at one time

Booking is NOW OPEN!  To book please send me an email:

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