Uncover your true power with your Divine Soul Blueprint.


Breathe your intentions into existence.


Align your business to your Divine Self-Expression.


Divine Soul's ethos is centred around both empowerment and transformation. Working together we create space for you to step into your Divinity.  Harnessing the wisdom of your Divine Soul Blueprint held within the Akashic Records we uncover the truest version of yourself. 

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What My Clients Say

It was as if Kristy-lee knew me better than I know myself


"Kristy-lee told me things about myself that deep down I knew but never truly acknowledged or understood.  Because of Kristy-lee I feel better equipped to use the gifts that I have been given, ultimately this will benefit my friends and family as well.  If you've been thinking about have a Soul Realignment Session, don't hesitate, Kristy is the best!" - Debbie

What an incredible experience!

“This session exceeded my expectations, and I was completely put at ease by Kristy-lee.  It gives you everything you need to get past blocks and GROW as a human being and a Divine being; the best thing however is that it gives you the practical tools that equip you with moving forward." - Ru

I am amazed at the amount of information given to me!


“100% accurate in the tiniest of details!  Amazing!  I highly recommend Soul Realignment to everyone.  It gave me the directions that I have been looking for whilst I have been lost in the dark for so long.  I am so happy with the results, thank you!" - Sonia