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Harness your own spiritual power with Divine Soul

Ready to take your spiritual journey to the next level? Discover the power of Soul Realignment®, transformation and empowerment with Divine Soul. Kristy-lee will guide you on your path to transformation. Unlock your potential and find your divine power within.

About Kristy-lee

Kristy-lee, is both a fully certified Advanced Soul Realignment® practitioner and a certified Spiritual Life Coach, her coaching style is focused on empowerment, transformation and joyful spiritual development.

Kristy-lee is passionate about helping her clients create a life of purpose, joy and fulfillment. She is committed to helping them discover their true potential and create the life of their dreams. With her spiritual and intuitive guidance, she will help you take the steps needed to reach the life you desire.

Kristy-lee Advanced Soul Realignment Practitioner and Spiritual Life Coach
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Soul Realignment®

What is Soul Realignment®?

At Divine Soul, I offer spiritual coaching with an emphasis on Soul Realignment®. My goal is to help you discover your true nature and Divine gifts, so that you can harness the wisdom of your soul to live a soul led life.

I believe that when you align with your soul, you can become the person you’re meant to be and that you can create a life of joy, abundance, and purpose. Join me in uncovering the power of your Divine Self-Expression and living your most authentic life.

Welcome To Divine Soul

Welcome To Divine Soul

What my clients say

I could not have got through the last six months without Kristy’s help and support. It’s been a very turbulent time in my mini universe.

I was, and still am at times, like one of those wind up toys that after winding just goes in random directions! Having the encouragement of Kristy she gently picks me up and guided me off into the right direction. Making sense of nonsense. Thank you is not enough. Thank you Alice for the recommendation."

-Viv, Kent, UK

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