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From Fear to LOVE

I cannot believe that we are half-way through 2024 and I am only just getting around to writing a post in this corner of Divine Soul, and so I warmly welcome you back into my exploration of all things spiritual and human!

This year for me (thus far!) has been six solid months of clearing out of the dross, maybe you resonate with this too. Back in October 2023 I wrote a love note to my lovely email subscribers where I dived into the cathartic clearing that I was going through - I like to do that from time to time so that the clients I work with know that I am in it just as much as they are and most importantly that I am digging deep and doing the work too - especially when it comes to the Soul Realignment modality that is the foundation of my service work here in Divine Soul. For me that is where my authenticity comes from.

My willingness to walk my talk.

Sometimes it is worth really honing in on this aspect of our human journey, sure we can try and side step it and get on our soap-boxes about the fact that we are on a fast track to ascension wadda, wadda, wadda as if that somehow makes us immune to certain parts of our humanness - but we cannot and should not try and disown the fact that we are having a human experience, we are here to embody and embrace all of our facets - the human and the spiritual, the masculine and the feminine, we are whole beings after all and these things can't be separated apart from each other, we have to remember that when we combine these elements, they make us whole and unified. 

Let’s get back to clearing out the dross. The energies that we have been working through for the past six months have been nothing short of transformational. We have felt the weight around our shoulders, and by clearing layers and layers of limiting patterns we have allowed ourselves to birth something new, clearing the dross has allowed us to shift into a different lane and one that is for our highest purpose and therefore our highest growth. 

We may not see clearly what lies ahead at this stage of the game, but we can be guaranteed that this cosmic shakeup is tailored to help us expand at the level of heart and mind. 

The key as we begin the second half of play for this year is to stay open to the possibilities that lay before us and allow ourselves to experience life in a state of curiosity.

Imagine if we could embody the energy of curiosity! Being curious is the first step to transformation.

The "I wonder" presence that keeps us in a state of openness.


Let us then dive a bit deeper into the concept of embodiment - specifically how we embody our humanness every single day, whilst also remembering that we have that Divine Spark that resides within us?

If we have worked in any capacity together then you'll already know that I talk about this quite a bit - and if you're new here, pull up a pew because this is where you get to see me in all my splendiferous glory! 

Every now and then I have very clear guidance to bring another aspect of the concept of embodiment into the light for you all to sit with and (hopefully) use in your everyday reality.

We are, as you know, doing a sacred dance between these two aspects of ourselves - between remembering our Soul Self during our human experience and vice versa.  The goal is not to disown aspects that we see, or feel are not "spiritual" or aligned with Love.  But rather to invite these parts of us – anger, judgement, confusion, depression, anxiety, impatience etc. to the LOVE that we hold within our core, this love is the essence of who we are.

These often referred to "negative" emotions are messengers for us, they hold pearls of wisdom and gifts that if we are patient we can gently uncover.

The reason I want to bring this to your attention is that I want you to know that I am also not immune to having to sit with myself in the midst of whatever is rising in me. 

Case in point - not so long ago I spent the whole (yes, the whole) day in a level of rage and anger surprised me beyond words. 

I tried my hardest to shift out of the mood, the self-righteousness, that I found myself within - I tried desperately to micromanage myself, to push down what I was feeling - it wasn’t at all 'light and fluffy' and I one hundred percent did not feel 'spiritual'. You know what - no matter what I tried I just couldn’t shift out of it.  

Until I realised that there was something I was not doing, I wanted so badly to bring myself back into alignment, to feel like I had my shit together that I had forgotten that anger and rage are valid expressions of when something within our system is not feeling right and feeling head, at the very root at these emotions was fear. 

Fear likes to disguise itself in many, many forms.

So, I sat with these big emotions, invited them into the love that I hold within my core and (because this is how I work) I invited the Holy Spirit into these parts of me that needed witnessing, that needed to feel safe and held. 

Once I entered this state, I knew that underneath this rage, anger and fear was simply a call to Love.  

It’s easy to berate ourselves, to not see ourselves as “getting it”, not being “spiritual” enough, or fifth dimensional enough – all the not-enoughs… what a subconscious signal to send ourselves right?!


No wonder we feel like we do sometimes!  And worse still sometimes we feel that everyone else gets it but by some freak universal joke we will never reach this level of mastery and that is simply not true - on any level, despite what our ego tries to tell us!

So, my lovely friend here is your invitation – when you are facing big emotions, invite them in to be witnessed, seen, and held – the miracle lies within this, and you will be in a state of awe and wonder when you gently uncover what comes from this state.


Much love and see you soon, 


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